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Correlation of Environmental Education and Computer Games

The patterns and norms of conventional education have undergone a major metamorphosis in the last few years. There has been a dramatic change in the category of courses as well as the medium of instruction in which the knowledge regarding these courses might be imparted.

Computers have taken over the way in which education is imparted in the modern times. From mere note-books and paperwork, education is now conducted through the medium of technology to a major extent.

Correlation and Significance

In the present times, when the stress being laid on the concepts such as environmental education is on a constant rise, it has become extremely important to take up the training of such concepts through modern means of communication, such as the computers.

Environmental education and computers games have a close correlation due to that it such education is most important at an early age when the students are just in the elementary section. However, with the advent of technology, the students have developed the art of picking up the knowledge in a much better and quicker way through computers than any other medium.

There are a vast range of activities and interactive games that demonstrate the correlation of environmental education in schools in a good way. For instance, Green Planet, is an interactive computer game, in which the player is needed to develop a greenhouse on the computer, using images and pictures available from a bank of resources given along with.

Similarly, the Wild Chase, another similar game has a challenge for the players to match the animals’ body parts such as horns and tails to that of the names provided, using animated pictures on the computer. A few other famous packages that explain the connection between environmental education in schools in a much better way include the Aquatic Breather, Smoke Killer, Ablaze Run and many more.

In fact, there have been a series of research campaigns that have been taken up to analyze the correlation between environmental education and computer games. One of such recent studies studied the knowledge of environmental concepts between two student groups, one having studied thoroughly through books and other having studied thought he medium of computers. The study concluded that the group which had used the computers to learn the concepts of environmental education had a much more sound and effective knowledge of the concepts than those who had used only books.

The correlation of environmental education and computer games can be well explained in light of that students, especially the young learners always respond better to ways of learning that are more interactive and fun to use.