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Individual Ideas For Emissions Reduction

Emissions reduction is one idea that every individual can help with and by changing just a few small habits or behaviors all people can have a definite, positive impact on the world around them. While sometimes the media tends to focus on “carbon footprints” and the amount of emissions by large industries, even as an individual it is possible to work on emissions reduction programs right within your own home or apartment.

Emissions Reduction with a HybridThere are some very simple ways to focus on emissions reduction when it comes to operating your motor vehicle. Of course the best possible option is to look at a vehicle that uses alternative types of fuels or at the very least gets significant gas mileage. The large, luxury cars and sports utility vehicles are definitely not in this category, however that doesn’t mean they can’t still be used, just limit your use of the those types of vehicles. In the real world buying a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle is just not possible for everyone, but the following emissions reduction strategies are:

Whenever possible don’t use your vehicle. Consider using a bicycle for short distances or even walking to save on all types of pollution and emissions. For longer distances or if you have to carry things the bus is a great option, plus you don’t have the additional stress of having to navigate through traffic.

Combining trips and errands and planning your drive can really help with emissions reduction as well as saving on the high price of fuel. Start by looking at what you need to do in the day and grouping activities by location. You may even want to alter your schedule and change your habits by only going to the grocery store once or even switching banks or other services so they are more centralized and need less travel.

Switch or convert to bill payment and even shopping using the computer. The more that you are avoiding simply being in your vehicle the greater emissions reduction benefits you will be providing to the environment.

Always keep your vehicle in good repair. Not only does this prevent breakdowns and mechanical problems, but a well maintained engine is less likely to produce excessive emissions and will more efficiently burn fuel.

Keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Saggy or deflated tires provide more friction on the road, requiring more fuel to propel the vehicle. By keeping your tires inflated you can actually save gas, plus lower your emissions.

Besides just reducing driving, other emissions reduction programs that you can do right in your home include participating in recycling programs, buying “green” products that are free from chemicals that release toxins as well as carbon dioxide. Finally plant as many trees and plants as you can in your green space or yard. Trees are nature filters of carbon dioxide, plus they will make your yard a wonderful place to spend time.