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The Benefits Behind Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants

There are several different state governments as well as private sector foundations and organizations that are offering emissions reduction incentive grants to various categories of equipment. By far the largest programs in the United States are offered by the state governments with Texas and California having the largest emissions reduction incentive grants programs within their Environmental Protection agencies or divisions.

Each one of the emissions reduction incentive grants is based on an application process, most which can be done online. These grants are open to companies, government agencies, private owners and operators or even those businesses that own vehicles or engines that meet the criteria for the grant. Typically states will determine which counties or areas within the state are eligible for the grant as well as the level of funding of the various grants offered. In Texas, for example, the grants are usually only offered in the counties around the major metropolitan cities, however in California emissions reduction incentive grants may be localized or based state wide.

There are several different types of emissions reduction incentive grants, some which are provided to communities and cities to create environmentally friendly options for commuters and travelers. Often these grants include programs to buy hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles to use within government agencies, however they can also extend to programs for low-sulfur producing bio-diesel fuels or even mass transit development programs and systems.

In some areas the emissions reduction incentive grants may be applied directly to lowering the number and amount of traffic on the road. This could include using funds to set up car pool programs, assist employers in developing work from home options for employees or even increasing the number of fuel efficient buses being used on public transportation routes. In these cases each city, county or municipality will apply for the emissions reduction incentive grants either through their state government or through federal programs.

Not all the grants are for vehicles on the road, with both Texas and California offering emissions reduction incentive grants for engines on compressors, heavy equipment, generators and even construction equipment such as forklifts and backhoes. Since these large types of motorized equipment typically operate using diesel fuel, switching to minimum idling time, fully upgrading and maintaining the equipment as well as replacing old, poorly functioning motors with newer, low emissions motors only makes sense. Through the emissions reduction incentive grants owners and operators can either fix or replace old equipment and full funding of the repair may be completely covered by the grant, ensuring that both sides benefit through the application of the incentive grants.