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Can the Effects of Air Pollution Harm Me?

You and your children could be at risk when breathing in polluted air. There are two types of, effects of air pollution, and they are long term, and short-term effects. Just how badly each person is harmed by pollution will depend on the duration of exposure, as well as the amount they were exposed to during that time. These together, are referred to as the total exposure to the pollution. Elderly people, as well as children usually are more harmed by the effects of air pollution, than a healthy adult. It is also dangerous for people with asthma or lung disease to be exposed to air pollution. People know that pollution is harmful and could even kill you, but the benefits we get from activities causing pollution, often outweigh the potential harm, in our minds. It is not until we have felt the effects of air pollution personally that we begin to be concerned with fixing the problem.

The short-term effects of air pollution have probably harmed you already without you realizing it. Some of the short-term effects include irritation to the nose, throat, and eyes. Some more serious effects include things like bronchitis, respiratory infections, and even pneumonia. You might have gotten these problems from air pollution and didn’t even realize it. You probably only think the effects of air pollution include the long term effects like lung cancer, and respiratory disease. So then you might have never realized, that the last time you had a respiratory infection, you were being harmed by air pollution. Although the long term effects of air pollution are much more serious you are being harmed by air pollution every time you breathe in something you shouldn’t. When the long term effects start to harm you, it is much too late to start thinking about how to cut back on air pollution. These terrible problems include lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease, heart disease, and organ damage. The organ damage can happen to your lungs, brain, nerves, kidneys, and liver. One very preventable way of polluting the air includes smoking cigarettes. Many people die each year, before their time, because of smoking cigarettes. When someone smokes around children, they can damage their lungs even before they are fully developed. Smoking and other air pollution can harm the elderly, and irritate their already present medical conditions. All of the human related sources of air pollution can be prevented, if we all keep trying to find ways to do what we need to do, without polluting the air we breathe.