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The Devastating Effects of Water Pollution

The effects of water pollution to a body of water can be devastating to the environment and the people and animals that depend on that source of water.

Garbage Patch Water PollutionThese devastating effects vary greatly depending on what type of pollutant is involved and how large the body of water is. Bodies of water that are near major metropolises usually suffer more severe effects of water pollution due to garbage and chemicals being dumped into them, either legally or illegally.

One of the most troubling and seriously devastating effects of water pollution are the depletion of oxygen that it causes resulting in the death of the marine life which reside in the water ecosystems. Fish, birds, and dolphins have been found dead on beaches, a casualty of the water pollution.

This type of pollution adversely affects the food chain from the tiniest micro organisms right up to humans who can be infected with many diseases such as hepatitis and others as a result of eating fish that have been poisoned from polluted waters. This also effect fishermen and their livelihood.

When trash and debris are thrown into bodies of water the resulting mess can cause foul odors, as well as toxicity. Fertilizers and oil also causes trouble in bodies of water by choking out vegetation that is vital to a healthy water system leading to green slimy waters, dead fish and unpleasant smells.

The effects of water pollution can also be seen in the quality of our daily lives. Water is vital for so many aspects of daily living such as drinking, showering, washing clothes, and much more. When the water sources that are so heavily relied upon to maintain basic necessities are threatened by pollution it causes a lot of problems and trouble. When water is too polluted to use it must be treated which costs a lot of time, resources and money. The water quality is directly affected the activities and habits of people all around the world.

The devastating effects of water pollution are also felt keenly by those who live near the water and all who enjoy water recreations. Polluted rivers, streams, and lakes cause a decline in fish populations and limit activities that can be enjoyed in and around the water.

When a body of water is polluted with animal and human waste it can be a host for the E Coli bacteria which can adversely affect people and make them very sick. Overall the devastating effects of water pollution can be that recreational water continues to cost a lot more money and limit the enjoyment of the waters by the regular poorer people in society.