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Steps Taken to Control Pollution

Steps taken to control pollution have been on the rise for the past several years, especially in the past year since the pollution standards have went up. One such example is the bill overwhelmingly passed last year by the U.S. Houser of Representatives, recently passed again on June 27, 2008 by the U.S. Senate. This … Read more

Central Pollution Control Board

India’s Central Pollution Control Board

The United States’ version of EPA pollution control in India is the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), developed in 1974 under the Water Act under the Control and Prevention of Pollution later on additionally entrusted with the 1981 Air Act under the Control and Prevention of Pollution’s powers and functions. The purpose of the CPCB … Read more

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Learning How to Control Pollution

Regardless of how many governmental agencies set laws and form agencies in learning how to control pollution and monitor its results, it all comes down to the everyday peoplesingle people of all ages, couples, families, young people, middle-aged, elderly, healthy, unhealthy, and disabledpeople living on Earth from all walks of life. But in reality it … Read more

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Air Pollution Control System

Developed over the past couple years, the air pollution control system (IAPCS) is an integrated model which includes material balance in addition to the emission summary, preliminary design, and annualized cost estimate. Written in a C language and FORTRAN, it was made to be used on a compatible PC or an IBM. Its needs are … Read more

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Defining Agencies and the Requirements for Control of Pollution

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) is a division of the National Environment Agency (NEA), providing necessary needs for control of pollution by assessing and considering the impact of all environmental developments on a new industry before it is allowed to go any further in its development. Any planning and development needs the associated authorities to … Read more

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Getting Control of Water Pollution in India

Water in India for years has defined how life has existed for its large population, controlled by their country’s age-old monsoon climates with its countless devastationstoo much rain forming flooded areas and rivers rising to villages and towns, and causing the issues of too little rain which eventually leads to semi-arid regions of extreme drought. … Read more

Control of Water Pollution

Effective Control of Water Pollution

Water is a free natural resource for everyone, with water pollution considered as any change in the natural composition of water due to any type of human activity that formed the pollution. The majority seems to be caused by polluting a substance which at first does not seem offensive at all, or even harmful, yet … Read more

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Basic Facts Regarding Air Pollution Control

Air pollution control is quickly taking the front seat in the world of greenhouse issues, with both the United States and China as ringleaders as the two major global producers of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. An interesting fact is that Americans are producing five times the amount of the toxin as the average Chinese, with … Read more

The Effects of Acid Rain

The Need for Measures to Control Air Pollution

Recognizing the need for measures to control air pollution involves education and research, which informs us that the burning of biomass and fossil fuels is the most significant air pollutant source and major anthropogenic source of carbon dioxide there is on the planet. Another high number for pollution is the energy supply increase of 57% … Read more

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Tips on Air Pollution Control Equipment

The main focus on air pollution control equipment is to reduce emissions, complying with regulatory needs present and future. Additionally, this task must integrate the needs of any one particular production process and schedule, with that industry’s budget. Some products are designed specifically for different areas of air control, such as the dust emission control, … Read more