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Condo Air Conditioning System

When buying a new AC unit system for your house, it is important to save money. A home air conditioning system is a quite large buy. Here are some tips to save some of your hard earned money.

First, make sure that you get a few estimates before you decide to buy your new AC. When the sales person or technician comes out to your home, make sure they measures every room and is taking notes. When the salesperson gives you the price, make sure you negotiate with them as much as possible. Ask if there are any discounts available for paying cash or if they have any interest-free financing options available. Make sure you let them know that there are many other companies interested in installing your air conditioning unit, and that you are looking for the lowest price.

Next, ask if there are any energy star or manufacturers rebates available on the unit that is recommended for your home. You may be pleasantly surprised how often these rebates are available. Some unscrupulous companies pocket the rebates of unsuspecting homeowners to pad their profits.

Make sure that you go over the estimate with the salesperson and ask if you can use your existing duct work if you are replacing an existing system. Many times the ducts will only need a little cleaning and will be in pristine condition. This can save hundreds of dollars in materials and labor costs.

Finally, if you are located in a places like Phoenix, you can ask for an air conditioning system that does not have built in electric heat. In the south, many people use space heaters and such because there are few cold days. You can save hundreds of dollars on your home AC system if it does not include heat strips.

Saving money on a home air conditioning system is not hard at all. With the proper negotiating skills and by asking the right questions, the homeowner can easily work the price in their favor. Just remember that you want the salesperson to know that you know what you want.