Composting Worms

Composting Worms is a Good Idea

Composting worms has become a great way to not only help the economy but also get some great fertilizer. In fact, composting worms will give you the some of the most effective fertilizer you’ve ever used. Another term often referring to worm compost is vermicompost or worm castings. Composting worms is easy, fun and will … Read more

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The Way of The Future is the Composting Toilet

A composting toilet is a special system that takes human wastes and converts it into usable soil and organic compost. This process takes place by naturally breaking down the organic matter into the natural essential minerals. This is done by the micro and macro organisms working through the different stages of oxidation as well as … Read more

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If You Are Composting Plants

Composting plants is a great way to dispose of your dead plant material along with a great way to create a thick and rich fertilizer or soil conditioner. When you are composting plants you are helping the natures circle of life to continue on with the help of mankind. If you are not composting your … Read more

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Composting Leaves Can Be a Fun Job for the Kids

Leaves have always played a fun part in the lives of children. We all remember raking up leaves and jumping in the leave piles. Beyond that, many of us don’t remember what happened to the leaves after we’ve had our fun in them. Very few of us remember composting leaves or watching our parents composting … Read more

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Using the Most Efficient Composting Equipment

Composting has become very popular in recent years. People’s reasons for composting vary from a way to save on gardening fertilizer, a fun pastime, a way to help the environment and for the best fertilizer ever. You’ll need some composting equipment if you’re going to be making your own compost. There are many kind of … Read more