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The best composting worm

The two types of composting worm that are best suited for worm matured composting are the Eisenia foetida or red worm and the Lumbricus rubellus. The Lumbricus rubellus is found in aged manure and matured compost. Do not use dew-worms. Dew-worms are the large sized worms found in soil and compost. Dew-worms are not likely … Read more

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Soil Pollution: A Dirty Issue

Soil pollution goes much deeper then the trash seen on the side of a road. There are many contributors to this form of pollution and the effects trickle down to other resources. Whatever gets put into the soil must go somewhere and decomposition creates a new form of contamination. There are certain countries that contribute … Read more

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The Perfect Composting Bin

Composting is something that many people are becoming involved in today. It involves the preserving of our waste material and turning it into something useful: compost soil through the use of a composting bin. Many types of composting exist today. In fact, there are almost as many types of composting as there are composting bins. … Read more

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When Composting food waste

When composting the food waste from your home you will be helping to recycle and return nutrients to the environment that have been taken out at some point. If you love plants or have a garden that you love to see grow and produce fruits and vegetable for your enjoyment, you will want to be … Read more

Home Composting

Learning the Methods of Composting

Composting can be described in a scientific manner or a more every day way. The scientific definition of composting is the aerobic decomposition of organic and biodegradable matter to make compost. The simpler definition of composting is the decaying of different food manner, such as vegetables or animal manure. Composting is broken into two types: … Read more

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The Ease of Making A Worm Composting Bin

As popular as composting has become today, the most common method of composting for beginners is worm composting. Composting is method of taking our everyday wastes and turning them into soil compost as opposed to sending it into the landfill. This not only is helping our environment but also gives us some excellent compost soil … Read more

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Worm Composting

Worm composting is a method of recycling food waste and organic materials into worm compost with the use of worms. This worm compost is called vermicompost. Worms feed off of scraps of food and leftovers, which turns into compost as it passes through the worm’s body. This compost can then be used as soil or … Read more

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Learning how to build a composting toilet

The toilet is probably the one household piece of equipment that is of most importance to us. As important as it is to us, it is also an item that uses a lot of water and electricity and expels a lot of waste into our environment. Every day people are trying to learn how to … Read more

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Home Composting For Your Own Use

Composting has become a national pastime of many today. We’re in a country that stresses the importance of recycling and helping to keep our environment clean and safe for our children and each generation after them. Composting is nature’s way of recycling materials and waste we use every day in our home. Composting creates a … Read more

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Dog Waste Composting

Dog waste composting, although seldom heard of in the past, is becoming quite common today, especially for those with multiple dogs. Over 270 pounds of waste is produced each year from the average dog or an average of of a pound per day. Dog waste on your front or back lawn not only looks unattractive … Read more