Home Composting

Teach the Family Composting At Home

Composting at home can not only be a way to use up all those household scraps while making good garden soil but also a way for the family to be doing something together while helping our environment. Composting is something many people are doing today as means to use up all those food waste products … Read more

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Compost Toilet Models

Lately, more and more people have become thinking about putting a compost toilet in their house. Composting toilets have several ecological and also monetary rewards: they help save water, they get rid of the possibility sewage or groundwater pollution, they get rid of the expenses associated with sustaining sewers and septic systems, and their end … Read more

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Composting For Small Spaces

For anyone who is an apartment occupant or perhaps live in a house with little if any backyard, it may seem that it is impossible to compost your household waste. It’s also possible to think that there is minor purpose to compost waste if you do not have a huge yard or garden to employ … Read more

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Using Leaves To Make Mulch And Compost

If you’re wondering what to do with all those leaves that fall onto your lawn from the trees each fall, why not consider turning them into mulch or compost? All you’ll need is some urea and a compost bin. You should be able to find both of these things at home improvement stores or anywhere … Read more

Robotic Lawn Mower

Reduce Pollution Using Robotic Lawn Mowers

Even if you are not an environmentalist, the price of gas will definitely make you a conservationist. Gas prices continue to climb. Personally, going to the gas station with my little red gas can is not a trip of leisure, it has always been a chore. It is common knowledge that gas powered lawn mowers … Read more

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How Composting with worms is done

Composting with worms is a method to recycle your unused food that would normally be thrown away. Recycling unused food garbage by composting with worms yields an earth scented soil conditioner that is rich in nutrients. This method of composting can be done year round either indoors or outdoors. In addition, composting with worms provides … Read more

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Composting Horse Manure Will Make an Excellent Garden

Having animals like horses can be a lot of fun but after awhile you’ll have quite a pile of manure, which not only looks unattractive but can be smelly as well. If you’ve had your horses for a few years, you can look inside the pile of manure and you may be surprised to find … Read more

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Composting Tips for the Beginner

Compost is an excellent additive for your garden or flower bed. It’s also one of the best mulches and soil supplements. In addition, it’s cheap and easy to make. Everyone has most of the things they need to make compost right in their home. There are many places you can go to find some composting … Read more

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What is sheet composting?

Sheet composting is a method of composting that uses the ground you wish to enrich as the holding area for the green plant material that you wish to compost. The green plant material is considered green manure when it is used for this purpose. Fava beans are a great edible vegetable that can be used … Read more

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Method of Building a Compost Toilet

Composting is a process of converting human waste into organic compost, which becomes usable soil. The process not only gives us excellent soil for lawns and gardens but also helps the environment by lessening the amounts of waste that need to go into landfills. Composting toilets perform this very process by breaking down the waste … Read more