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Composting Horse Manure Will Make an Excellent Garden

Having animals like horses can be a lot of fun but after awhile you’ll have quite a pile of manure, which not only looks unattractive but can be smelly as well. If you’ve had your horses for a few years, you can look inside the pile of manure and you may be surprised to find some very black “dirt”. This means that you’ve been composting horse manure without even realizing it. Even without your help, your horse manure will compost on its own. However, when it composts on its own like this, you’ll have a lot of unpleasant odors around the area as well as promoting flies and parasites that are harmful to your horse or horses. Not to mention, composting needs a lot of warm temperatures to be successful.

In large manure piles, the center may be composting, but not the sides because of the lack of warm temperature and mixture. Composting horse manure can eliminate a lot of these problems while giving you some excellent soil for your gardening needs. Many people pay a lot of money to buy horse manure for their gardens and you’re lucky enough to have it there giving you the opportunity for composting horse manure for your own needs.

There are many reasons for composting horse manure besides the obvious, which is to reduce the odors and eliminate parasites. It is also a great way to lessen the size of your pile each year. You can also sell the compost soil you make by composting horse manure on your farm. Composted soil is a lot more sellable than straight smelly horse manure. People are going to be a lot more willing to pay good money for black rich dirt than they are for a pile of smelly messy manure. It’s also much better fertilizer for your flower bed or vegetable garden.

The soil you’ll get from composting horse manure will improve the aeration in your ground as well as retain water better. If you’ve ever tried to grow certain crops in hard soil, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Compost from composting horse manure is soft and drains well while it retains the water. Another advantage of composting horse manure is the many nutrients you’ll be spreading on your field or putting in your garden. Each year your soil will be better and better for growing crops. The benefits of composting horse manure are high and numerous. A composting pile consisting of horse manure and leaves, hay, sawdust, etc works well for your project and will give you some excellent soil for years to come.