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Using the Most Efficient Composting Equipment

Composting has become very popular in recent years. People’s reasons for composting vary from a way to save on gardening fertilizer, a fun pastime, a way to help the environment and for the best fertilizer ever. You’ll need some composting equipment if you’re going to be making your own compost. There are many kind of composting equipment depending on what type of compost you’re going to be making. Composting equipment can be inexpensive items you already have around your home or they may be expensive commercial items.

Some of the composting equipment you can buy for your composting adventure includes compost thermometer, compost turner, organic compost, compost starter, kitchen compost bin as well as miscellaneous items.

The compost thermometer makes it easy to always know the temperature of your compost pile. This stainless steel thermometer will help you keep your compost pile at the warm temperatures it needs to “cook” and also has three temperature zones. It shows temperatures up to 200F. The compost turner is perfect for helping you make sure your compost get turns as often as is needed, which will make compost faster because the aeration of the turner speeds up the decomposition process. All you do is put the turner in the compost, gently lift it out and watch the hinged paddles mix and aerate the compost pile. This is one of the handiness composting equipment items you’ll own.

Organic compost is not only a great addition to put on around your plants, trees and shrubs, but also helps speed up the process in your own composting bin. It has just the right amount of soil builders to give your compost pile the boost it needs. Compost starter will help give you the most moist and rich humus you could want and in less than 90 days. It contains the perfect blend of microorganisms that add nutrient energy as well as break down your waste materials faster. It is made specifically to help speed up the process of decomposition and works well with wood chips, lawn clippings, pine needles, brown leaves, etc.

Although the kitchen compost bin is not a necessity, it definitely makes a nice addition to your composting equipment collection. You’ll always have a spot to store your food leftovers that are going to wind up in the compost bin outside. This is an attractive piece of equipment that will keep in the odors and lessen the trips back and forth to the compost bin each day.

If you are a beginner in composting, you may want to start small like composting worms. This is simple, fun and needs a minimum of composting equipment.