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The Perfect Composting Bin

Composting is something that many people are becoming involved in today. It involves the preserving of our waste material and turning it into something useful: compost soil through the use of a composting bin. Many types of composting exist today. In fact, there are almost as many types of composting as there are composting bins. Composting not only helps our environment by lessening the amount of waste that goes into our landfills but also provides excellent soil for our gardens, flower beds and lawns. We often have to spend top dollar to get the excellent type of soil we can make by composting with a composting bin or pile.

Composting Bin
Composting Bin

If you’re new to composting, the first thing you’ll want to get is some sort of composting bin. It’s important to realize that there is no such thing as the “perfect” composting bin. It can be a small plastic or wooden homemade bin you’ve put together yourself or a large commercial composting bin. Either type will work well if it’s put together correctly. However, if you’re just starting off, you’ll probably want something smaller and won’t want to start off with something expensive until you really know what you’re doing.

A small wooden composting bin is something that will work well and is easy to construct yourself. Wood is easy to work with, it looks great and insulates well. Some of the materials you can use on the inside of your composting bin may include straw, hay, old leaves or shredded newspaper. Although many people think of composting as just collecting all their old waste products, you’ll also needs these other materials to help the waste products break down into the compost. The process of decomposition will take place when these materials are mixed together and reach a certain temperature.

The size of the composting bin you use will determine how much compost you’ll get. Obviously, the larger the bin the more compost you’ll have. Also, the larger the composting bin, the more heat it will retain, which is needed to complete the decomposition process. It’s important to remember, however, that this will only take place if there’s enough material to fill the bin. You bin should also have a lid on it to prevent it from having too much rainfall or evaporation. Make sure it’s a comfortable enough size so you can easily mix it up occasionally.

Although some people just use a compost pile outside, most feel that a composting bin works better for a few reasons. A bin is more attractive than a large pile sitting in your yard. Bins will keep the pile hotter, which will make it break down better and quicker. They are also easier to take care of than a huge pile. If you have all the equipment and materials you need, starting your first composting bin can be a lot of fun.