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Cleaning Your AC Unit To Save Money

I’m guessing it’s safe to say you’ve heard the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You could surely say the same for keeping your home safe, not to mention your car. The same goes for preventing long-term expenses with routine air conditioner cleanings. You could say quite easily, periodic air conditioner cleaning will put money in your pocket. Here is more helpful rules for air conditioner cleaning.

1. Always turn off the unit prior to cleaning.

This step is critical, otherwise you could be in for a real shock. Be safe, turn your air conditioner off at the circuit breaker panel.

2. Managing the inside coils.

Servicing your coils, there are indeed some basic steps. Get started by using your regular outdoor hose to get the coils wet. Then grab an industrial strength air conditioner cleaning liquid product. Now just let the powerful chemical do its magic. Ok, after however long go ahead and rinse the coils clean.
Depending whether you are cleaning a wall unit a brush attachment on a vacuum can clean your air conditioner coil fins. You should be careful to not overlook this step.

3. Clean the AC units drain.

Outside the where you will most likely find the air conditioner units drain. A shop-vac is a smart way to clean up the drain area. Find the cap and remove it for a real quality cleaning. Don’t let a lot time pass before putting the drain cap back on. It’s not uncommon to not replace the cap by accident. All part of saving real money down the road.

4. Call in a professional for routine maintenance.

A trained professional is really a good idea. Hiring a professional will get your air conditioner drain maximum cleaned as well. They will usually have a chemical to help control any mold growth.

5. Always take time to replace your furnace filters.

Don’t forget this important step. While in the summer months checking your filter once a month is not a bad idea. Air conditioners operate the best with a clean furnace filter. These simple steps will definitely save you money. You thought it might be some outrageously intense process but no.

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