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What are the Causes of Air Pollution?

There are many different sources that can be sited as causing air pollution, and they all fall into two different categories. These two categories are natural sources and human sources. The first category, natural causes of air pollution, can not be controlled by us. These causes include things like smoke that comes from wildfires, which as you know we can’t control. Wildfires are a necessary part of life and nature takes these measures to renew an area of land naturally. Another natural source would be volcanoes, which put sulfur and ash out into the air as perform their typical activities. You might not ever guess this one but, methane is another natural cause of air pollution that is produced when animals digest food. An example of this type you might recognize is cattle. One other, not so well-known natural pollutant is dust that comes from large barren areas of land. This dust blows around polluting the air around it and anywhere the wind may take it. These causes of air pollution are all real, even though they are not as bad for your health and the environment as the ones caused by our daily activities as humans. Now that you know natural sources of air pollution are not as harmful to us, we can explore human related pollution.

The second source of air pollution, which comes from human activity, is usually caused by burning different types of fuel we need for daily activities. There are the many causes of air pollution we are already are familiar with like power plants and automobiles, which are very dangerous, but there are also some sources you might not realize are air pollution. The fumes from different things we use everyday can be very harmful to the air we breathe and the environment. Some of these sources include varnish, solvents, paint, hair spray, and many other aerosol sprays. We use these things everyday not realizing the negative effects they are having on the earth we live on. Burning wood stoves, fireplaces, and furnaces are another cause of air pollution that you might not have guessed. These seemingly harmless fuel burning activities make our lives easier, but they also cause the air we breathe to bit a little more polluted. Most people could not make it a day without using their hairspray, painting their house or car, or burning a furnace. These are activities necessary to living life the way we are used to, but with a little effort, we can cut down on the causes of air pollution we contribute to every day.