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Car Air Conditioning Repair

There are several different ways that vehicle owners can help to cut down the cost of car air conditioning repair. The first way is to routinely and according to the manufacturers recommendations have your car’s air conditioning system tested and serviced. Often owners don’t worry about the car air conditioning system or possibility until there is a problem and by then the repair bill is likely to be substantial. Having the air conditioning system checked at least once a year, ideally in the spring before the system is used each year is a great way to monitor hoses, clamps, coolant and other aspects of the system that can easily be fixed or maintained to provide longer life to the entire air conditioning unit.

One major type of car air conditioning repair that owners need to make sure is completed according to manufacturers specifications is to keep the system fully topped up with the refrigerant. Of course if the vehicle is losing refrigerant there is likely to be a leak somewhere in the system so simply filling up the refrigerant won’t stop the leak. There are several products on the market that can be added to the refrigerant and provide a dye that can easily be seen when and where it leaks out of the car’s air conditioning system. If the leak is significant it will be obvious without the use of the dye, however small little pinhole leaks in rubber hoses and seals are often difficult to detect even with the dye. The service technician that tops up the refrigerant may recommend having the vehicle in for a complete air conditioning service.

Besides topping up the refrigerant, a routine evacuation and recharge of the coolant is necessary. This is like flushing the radiator; it removes all the coolant out of the car air conditioning system, then cleans it through a recycling process and the technician then fully recharges the system. Some mechanics indicate that this is the more accurate option as the recharge can be done to the specific pressure recommended by the manufacturer. If you have a leak in the system or if there has been repairs done to the car air conditioning unit a full evacuation and recharge is typically recommended to make sure no foreign materials or debris is in the coolant.

Whenever you are having work completed on a car air conditioning system be sure to get an estimate, in writing, as to the cost of the repair. In some cases the cost of repairs may be outside of the budget, and knowing this information in advance can help determine if you want to complete the repairs now or at a later date.