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Method of Building a Compost Toilet

Composting is a process of converting human waste into organic compost, which becomes usable soil. The process not only gives us excellent soil for lawns and gardens but also helps the environment by lessening the amounts of waste that need to go into landfills. Composting toilets perform this very process by breaking down the waste and organic matter and turning it into essential minerals, which makes the compost soil so rich. This is not something that happens overnight, but rather over a period of time with the micro and macro organisms going through different stages of oxidation and anaerobic breakdown.

Compost toilets are now being used in public building as well as some private homes. They’re excellent for homes that don’t need or have a lot of water such as desert homes or homes in drought areas. Building a compost toilet is an idea that has attracted many individuals that are in low water areas or those wanting to help the environment. Although building a compost toilet may sound difficult, it’s easier than you’d think.

Although most people who are interesting a compost toilet will consider purchasing it, some individuals make building a compost toilet their option. This is usually the case with hunting shacks, small cabins or homes. Building a compost toilet can be very simple and relatively simple when you choose one similar to the sawdust toilet with the hinged lid. You can go to your local lumberyard and buy good lumber or use recycled lumber if you want building a compost toilet to be as inexpensive as possible.

Building a compost toilet such as this is relatively simple. You need to build a box, which will be where you’ll keep your bin for your waste. The box will be a square wooden box with legs. The average size is 18″DX18″WX21″L. Making your wooden box this size make sures that a 5 gallon pail will fit underneath. It will need 12″ legs so that it is tall enough for an adult to comfortably sit. You’ll need to drill a hole on the top large enough for a toilet seat. Building a compost toilet of this size is easy and won’t take long.

When you’re finished, put the 5 gallon pail underneath the toilet and cover the human deposits with materials such as peat moss, leaf mould, shredded paper or sawdust. The bucket is considered full when you’re afraid to sit on the toilet! At this time, it needs to be emptied outside in the large compost bin. Make sure you pour the contents in the centre of the bin. Rinse out the bucket and throw the rinse water on the compost bin, not next to it. The outdoor compost bin should be a double chambered large bin. This bin should also be covered with materials such as leaves, straw, etc. The contents of this bin will slow decompose until you have the finest soil anywhere.