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Build a Solar Panel to Improve Your Home

How would you enjoy learning how to build a solar panel so that you can have a positive and dramatic effect on your family, long after you have left this world? Who are the members of your ancestral tree whose actions have impacted your life They may have moved to your country which is why you live where you do today. Or they could have started a tradition that has been passed down to you.

Solar Panels on a HomeWould you like to be the one to start the traditional of energy self sufficiency for your family tree? Does that idea appeal to you, at all?

The conversation at the dinner table in the year 2225 might go like this: “Then our great great grandfather, back in the early 21st century was the first one of us to make the effort to learn how to build a solar panel and make sure his family was never left in the dark again, even during the worst disasters.”

Have you ever contemplated the kind of legacy you are passing down to your family, as things are right now? For instance, if your kids or grandchildren grow up seeing you smoking, there chances of them taking up the habit in their adolescent years are very high. The choices you make can create generational chain reactions.

What if the example you give your kids of learning how to build a solar panel that you can install on your home by on your own for dirt cheap, and right from the start, save money, help the environment, and begin to give your family freedom from the big energy corporations? That first panel will make sure you have some emergency power, no matter what.

Then all you would do after you have your first panel is hook up the next one to it, like Lego toys. Just keep rinsing and repeating, and each time you add to the amount of power you can give your home.

You could reach the point where you could call the power company to unhook your home from their grid, but it is actually easier to stay connected and be able to sell them extra energy you might have at times. You’d be surprised how many individuals are already doing that. The first steps are very inexpensive.

Here’s a great youtube video series.

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