Forest Biodiversity

How To Define Biodiversity

How to define biodiversity changes with who is doing the defining. Environmentalists might define biodiversity as the total of all plant and animal life (excluding humans) of the planet, and the planet itself the air, water and land that supports animal and plant life. A scientist might add humans to the animal life considered when … Read more

The World's Biodiversity Hotspots

Is There A Solution To The Loss Of Biodiversity?

Sadly, there is no one solution to the loss of biodiversity. And, even if such a solution existed, the adversarial nature of the relationships between governments, businesses, and environmentalists would probably keep it from being carry outed. Any solution to the loss of biodiversity must take multiple factors into account: How will this solution affect … Read more

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Can Any Biodiversity Definition Really Cover The Topic

Biodiversity started out as a contraction of biological and diversity. It was coined in 1985, but has taken on its own meaning since then. Scientists prefer using the broadest possible biodiversity definition, to not overlook any aspect of what is an exceedingly complex subject. However, one of the largest problems facing scientists, government agencies, end … Read more

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Why Is Biodiversity Important- A Primer

Any number of people want to know Why is biodiversity important? One answer is that is important because it represents the almost infinite variety of plant and animal life, and the variety of the types of Earth’s ecosystems that support life as we know it. It enables humans to survive in what would be otherwise … Read more

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Values Of Biodiversity A Complex Subject

The values of biodiversity are different to different people and groups. A megacorporation’s definition of the values of biodiversity is bound to differ from those of an environmental group. In turn, their perception of the values of biodiversity are bound to differ from those of governmental agencies charged with protecting our resources while promoting development. … Read more

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Steps For Conserving Biodiversity- Something For Everyone

Steps for conserving biodiversity are not just something for national governments to legislate into action. There are many steps for conserving biodiversity that can be taken at local (both organizational and individual) levels. Let’s first look at steps for conserving biodiversity that governments can take. First and foremost, they can acknowledge that the rights of … Read more

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Measures To Preserve Biodiversity

Measures to preserve biodiversity are not necessarily huge steps that must be enacted by governments or consumer protection agencies. Everyone, at least in our society, can take small steps toward a more green-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Even city dwellers can take small measures to preserve biodiversity. Things like using a ceiling fan rather than an air-conditioner, … Read more

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What The Loss Of Biodiversity Really Means To Us

There has been a rapid loss of biodiversity due to the huge increase in populations and the ongoing consumption of natural resources to support those increased numbers of people. This has caused a vast depletion and/or loss of the goods and services on which we depend for sustenance. There are many reasons the loss of … Read more

The Importance of Bioiversity

The Importance Of Biodiversity

There is no question as to the importance of biodiversity. Without it, we would be much poorer in many ways. While overwhelming, the importance question can be brought into focus by looking at how we value people. Supposed a beloved relative or friend moves or dies. We look at the hole left in our lives … Read more

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The Concept Of Biodiversity An Exercise In Variability

While it shouldn’t be, it’s often hard for people to wrap their minds around the concept of biodiversity. Partly this is because the concept of biodiversity is a complex one, and partly it’s because so many agencies have vested interests in people seeing anything that conserves resources as a threat to their lifestyles. The first … Read more