Great Barrier Reef Biodiversity

Aquatic Biodiversity and the Health of Our Planet

Aquatic biodiversity is important to the health and well-being of our planet, but is being threatened at an increasing rate. It is affected by many variables, including irrigation, contamination, and evaporation. Irrigation Irrigation is, possibly, the most subtle threat to aquatic biodiversity. Until recently, most irrigation issues were considered strictly from an engineering standpoint, with … Read more

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Everybody Talks About Biodiversity

Biodiversity is one of those terms. Everyone thinks they know what it means, but asked to define it, they often can only do so in the broadest, most general terms. If you don’t know what something is though, there is nothing you can do to protect it. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, biodiversity … Read more

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What Is Biodiversity – A Quick, Easy Review

As natural resources and animal and plant life vanish at record rates the question what is biodiversity? looms larger and larger for humankind. Because there is no easy, one-size-fits-all answer, various dictionaries, governments, businesses and environmental groups answer the question what is biodiversity? in the manner that best serves their motives and furthers their purposes. … Read more

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Conservation Of Biodiversity

While biodiversity is a hot topic, conservation of biodiversity might easily be considered the 800 pound elephant in the room. Defining biodiversity is complicated enough: is it just the animal and plant life of a region, or the actual planet supporting them? Does it include or exclude human beings? Can biodiversity and development coexist? North … Read more

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Biodiversity Hotspot Cool Name For A Hot Topic

Almost every region of the world has at least one biodiversity hotspot, with a globe wide total of 34 biodiversity hotspots to date. These hotspots contain our richest biological treasures, but are the most at risk from human and natural abuses. A biodiversity hotspot is an area that is particularly rich in plant and animal … Read more

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What Are Some Of The Threats To Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a fragile thing, susceptible to all sorts of threats. Even as it supports all life on Earth it is constantly facing threats and damage that is almost impossible for our multiple ecosystems to recover from. Threats to biodiversity come from many sources, most human but some natural. Largest among the threats to biodiversity … Read more

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Factory Farmed Meat

Most North Americans are now familiar with the term “factory-farmed meat.” Though somewhat rhetorical in its use, it is an accurate way to describe the process that has become “conventional” ranching and animal husbandry. There are, of course, many concerns from a humane treatment standpoint, but the pollution concerns from such operations are equally, if … Read more

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Can A Real, Comprehensive Definition Of Biodiversity Be Found

Any realistic, workable definition of biodiversity must take multiple factors into account, because biodiversity covers so much of what we know as life. A good definition of biodiversity must not only take into account that biodiversity covers the air, land and water of Earth and all the animal and plant life thereof. It must take … Read more

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Marine Biodiversity: An Important Issue On Earth

Marine biodiversity is the variability of life in marine ecosystems. Marine ecosystems include oceans, salt marshes, estuaries, lagoons, coral reefs, shores, and some of the tropical ecosystems (like mangrove forests). They are part of a larger, world ecosystem, and are characterized by having a much greater salinity level than freshwaters. Even though marine ecosystems are … Read more

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Is True Biodiversity Conservation A Real Goal?

Biodiversity conservation is one of the most important issues we face today. If we do not take steps to prevent further losses of our natural resources, we will not be able to sustain life as we know it. Given the importance of biodiversity conservation, it would seem that every government on the planet would have … Read more