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Articles on Water Pollution

Many wonderful articles on water pollution have been written to highlight the problem of water pollution. By writing informative articles on water pollution it helps to educate the public as to the causes of water pollution as well as the damage that pollution creates.

Newspaper ArticlesWater pollution is a very serious problem. When the water supplies become polluted or contaminated with foreign matters and toxic chemicals and substances it affects not only humans, but animals, fish and aquatic organisms as well.

There are articles on water pollution that tell about how the large farms and feedlots significantly contribute to the water pollution problem by dumping an excessively high amount of contaminants in to the water.

These feed lots raise hundred of thousands of animals such as chickens, pigs or cows that produce a huge amount of waste. Much of the wastes from these animals runs off into the water supply during the rainy season.

Toxins such as artificial growth hormones and antibiotic residue can also be present in the feces and excrement of these animals and these also make their way into the water supply. The manure from farm animals also contains a high amount of nitrates and phosphorus which causes further destruction in the waterways.

When high levels of nitrates are found in the drinking water it can cause a condition known as blue baby syndrome which can lead to the death of infants. Articles on water pollution that highlight these issues help to bring about changes to improve the way that feed lots are maintained, and they also help to educate the public on potential problems related to these large farms.

Articles on water pollution can also bring about new legislation to help change the laws in regards to water pollution and impose stricter fines for those who are caught polluting the water supplies. It has been said that they pen is mightier than the sword. Persuasive articles on water pollution can go a long way in changing the way that the general public perceives water pollution and help to enact better laws by changing public opinions.

In addition, there are many articles on water pollution that highlight the specific damage that is done by a wide variety of contaminants. There are also articles on water pollution that show where the majority of pollution is coming from and tell practical and effective ways to combat water pollution and prevent additional sources of water from being polluted. By being informed as to the sources of water pollution in addition to the devastating effects, much can be done to help get the waterways cleared up and safe from pollution.