An Overview of Allied Waste Services

One of the leading waste management companies of the North East, Allied Waste Services offers a vast range of waste collection and management services to both, the domestic as well as commercial market.

In today’s era of rapid industrial and economic growth, the place occupied by such companies is extremely critical, owing to the effective role they can play in ensuring environmental safety and other related services.

The Services

At Allied Waste Services, the professionals specialize in offering environmentally safe disposal and recovery of the waste material, with special attention being made to each different kind of waste stream involved. Ranging right from a domestic consumer to a corporate business house, Allied Waste Services has a series of services lined up for each kind of a consumer, where various streams of waste might be generated.

The key policies of the Allied Waste Services are centered on their objective to follow best practices if environmental management. Some of the most prominent policy measures are to make sure compliance with all aspects of Waste Permits and Waste Collection Permits, to actively seek out and carry out waste recycling measures, to reduce outgoing waste to landfills, to educate and train all employees in the skills and nuances of waste management to help them minimize risks and to develop healthy working relationships with local and national government authorities to make sure maximum administrative support and guidance.

Offering a wide range of domestic as well as commercial centers services, Allied Waste Services is well equipped with all the essential permits and pre-requisites need dto pursue its objectives. For its domestic clients, the Allied Waste Services offers services such as collection of domestic refuse in wheeled bins, fortnightly collection of household mixed dry recyclables and the like.

Allied Waste Services

Allied Waste Services

Meanwhile, Allied Waste Services also provides a host of waste management solutions for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. The vast range of service offered include chain lift skip hire and roll on/off hire, rental, and installation and servicing of balers and compactors, weekly wheeled bin collection of commercial waste, baled cardboard and plastic collections service, waste auditing and many more.

In addition to these, Allied Waste Services also offers excellent recycling services which involve waste transfer, sorting and recycling of the products.

The primary objective of the varied services of Allied Waste Services is to make sure waste minimization which is often achieved by advising the clients on how to reduce loads for landfill disposal, along with ensuring use of products that are least likely to generate waste.