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The Link Between Al Gore and Pollution Prevention

Former Vice President Al Gore has not been out of the spotlight since his time of Vice President ended. Al Gore has been a major activist for environmental issues. He has been outspoken and a leader in the efforts on pollution prevention.

Al Gore and pollution prevention seem to go hand in hand these days. Most of the work he has been doing has centered on the environment and making the world a better place in which to live. His efforts have not gone unnoticed by the world.

Al Gores Background

Al Gore is best known for his two terms serving as Vice President under President Bill Clinton. However, he is much more than a politician. He has a well rounded history that includes working as a journalist and as a businessman. He is well respected in all his business matters. Al Gore and pollution prevention are actually something you may have heard quite a bit about lately.

In 2007 Gore worked with a project about environmental efforts and was a winner of the Nobel Prize for the project. He wrote the documentary An Inconvenient Truth which is about global warming. The documentary received an Academy Award.

Gore also is the founder and chair of the Alliance for Climate Protection. He organized a global warming benefit concert, called Live Earth in July of 2007.

In recent years Al Gore has done more than his part to help the efforts of pollution prevention. Al Gore and pollution prevention have almost become inseparable when talking about the former VP.

How Gore Helps

It is obvious looking over everything that Gore has done in the past few years that he is a major force driving awareness about global warming and pollution. Al Gore and pollution prevention are both hot topics for people who are interested in helping make the world a better place.

He is not only raising awareness, but doing his part to help introduce ways to reduce pollution. He is working on getting new standards and helping to make it easier for people to prevent pollution. There are many people who are willing to listen when they hear about Al Gore and pollution prevention.

Future Outlook

With such a strong commitment, there is no doubt that in the future you will hear more about Al Gore and pollution prevention. He shows no signs of giving up or reducing his efforts.

With the Alliance for Climate Protection doing such great work and the great success of An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore has found his place as a protector and fighter for the environment. Until every trace of pollution is wiped away, Al Gore will not rest.