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Air Pollution in China is a Big Problem

Chinas big cities have some of the highest concentrations of air pollution in the world. Most of the time quickly developing industries are a great benefit to a country, however there are also great negative consequences to this quick development.

The increase in industrial development in China has led to the rapid use of natural resources as well as large amounts of pollution. Water pollution and air pollution in China are very big concerns for the people and the government.

Air Pollution in ChinaTwo of the top ten most polluted cities in the entire world are located in China. Air pollution in China is also responsible for some 750,000 deaths that come prematurely. With numbers like this, China has been at work to develop a plan to reduce the air pollution.

Although this problem is not something that can be solved overnight, so it will need a long term plan for pollution reduction. China did upgrade their State Environmental Protection Administration to a much higher level showing their concern for fixing the pollution, with a focus on the air quality. For many years leading up to the 2008 Olympics the city of Beijing was working double hard to reduce pollution in the city. This was in an effort to be at their best for hosting the Olympics. The Chinese government is extremely concerned with reducing the pollution throughout China, and has been since the early 21st Century.

Respiratory disease and even heart disease, caused by air pollution in China, is a leading cause of death there. Of a study of 338 cities for the quality of air, two thirds of them were polluted either moderately or severely. This is a huge number of cities negatively affected by the quality of air.

Due to the large number of cities with severe air pollution China has very strict environmental laws, however it is very difficult to enforce them. When the government declares a no automobile day for as many as 100 cities, on main roads, the declaration is ignored by most people.

Cities in China suffer from many terrible forms of air pollution including smog. Smog is a type of pollution where cool air near the earth is trapped under warmer air and prevents the pollution from being dispersed like normal. This effect is called temperature inversion. When you get temperature inversion in the warm summer months then the result is severe smog. China is still trying to help prevent and lessen air pollution throughout the country. The more people who get educated on how to help with smog, the better the chances of it being reduced.

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