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Air Pollution Facts That Could Save Your Life

There are many important facts you should know about air pollution, which can prevent you from being seriously harmed and even save your life. You will find when you learn of the very disturbing air pollution facts that you might reconsider moving to a big city, or even using hairspray on your hair in the morning. One of the scariest air pollution facts is that if you consistently breathe polluted air in big cities like Los Angeles or New York, it can drastically reduce your life expectancy, by 2 or even 3 years. Life is already too short, so the last thing we need is to reduce the healthy years we do have. While people think that stationery sources of pollution, like factories, are the worst cause of air pollution, they only cause about 10 percent of the risk of cancer in big city areas. The rest of the 90 percent risk is made up of moving air pollution sources, such as automobiles, trucks, ships, trains, and busses. You might find it strange but when you mow your lawn, it contributes to this moving air pollution source. It is a fact that most air pollution comes from humans burning different types of fuel.


Some of the most terrible air pollution facts concern children. Did you know that children breathe much faster than adults, which drastically increases their intake of polluted air? This fact is terrible because exposure to air pollution causes asthma in children, and asthma is a leading cause of children missing school. Health problems caused by pollution of the air cost us more than just money; it can cost you your life. Whether you are a child or an adult, if you attend school or work near roads with high traffic, you are at a much greater risk for terrible problems. These problems can include cancer, lung disease, bronchitis, and asthma. After knowing all these air pollution facts, you can get a better understanding of why and then how we can cut down on pollution, in the air we breathe. One great way of cutting back on pollution is carpooling. When you have 5 to 8 different co workers ride in one car to work, it cuts the pollution of from 5 to 8, down to just one. People who carpool usually switch who drives every day or week. If everyone did this you would see a huge cut in the air pollution, not just in major cities, but all over the country. Knowing all the air pollution facts, is just one of the many ways you can try to cut down on pollution in your life, and help us all in the process.