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Air Conditioning Tools Of The Trade

If you are planning on installing or repairing an air conditioner, there are several air conditioning tools that can make the job easier and much more efficient. Some of the air conditioning tools are used in electrical, welding or other areas as well, plus there are some specific tools with regards to testing the refrigerant and voltage in the system that are unique to specific types of work.

A general description of the various groups or types of air conditioning tools can be found below, although there are other specialty tools used by those certified as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians and specialists.

Air conditioning leak detection tools these are specialized systems leak detection tools that are able to detect small amounts of refrigerant outside of the sealed system to alert the repair person to the presence of a leak. These air conditioning tools are very sensitivity and are necessary to detect the pinhole or incredibly small leaks that resulting in a slow loss of refrigerant, or in older system Freon, that lead to poor performance of the air conditioning unit.

Dye Injectors these can be a variety of sizes and shapes, however they are all designed to allow the technician to inject dye into the refrigerant system, which will then show up at the spot where even a small leak is occurring. Often the dye is fluorescent and a specialized light that is directed over the tubing will illuminate the dye on the area of the leak.

Air conditioning gauges these are used to measure the internal pressure of the coolant systems. The gauges can be used on residential, commercial as well automotive air conditioning systems, plus other systems as well.

Air conditioning diagnostic equipment one of the most useful tools is the refrigerant identifier tool, which allows the technician to take a sample of the liquid in the system and have it correctly identified. It can also identify contaminated refrigerant before it is put through recycling machines, preventing damage to the recycling equipment. Another useful air conditioning tool for the technician is a temperature differential measuring device. This allows the technician to determine if the condenser unit is functioning properly and dissipating the heat from the system.

Adaptors and retrofit sets these are the couplers and adaptors that allow the repair to work. Most technicians will carry a good supply of these items along just to be prepared for any hose size change or other size difference that might occur in new parts with older units. Fin combs and straighteners are also must have air conditioning tools for both repair technicians as well as those that do installations.

Having the right air conditioning tools and supplies will only make sure that the air conditioner can be fixed quickly and correctly. There are several online A/C specialty stores as well as repair shops that sell the various tools.