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Carrier Air Conditioning: A World Leader

The Carrier Corporation is one of the leaders in the industry of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Carrier air conditioning units have been sold in the United States since they were first designed in 1902, and are now available in close to 200 different countries across the world. With the main headquarters located in … Read more

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Troubleshooting Tips For Automotive Air Conditioning

It never seems to fail, the hottest day of the summer and your automotive air conditioning system decides not to work. All you are getting is a feeble, slightly less than air temperature stream of air out of the vents. If all is going according to par, this will typically happen over a weekend when … Read more

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Getting The Most From Window Air Conditioning Units

Although central air is nice, it is also not practical or affordable for a large number of people. In some areas where the air conditioning units are only used for a few weeks in the hottest summer months it may not be cost effective to install a forced air system, rather simple window air conditioning … Read more

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

With the high cost of electricity and other forms of energy sources for houses and commercial buildings the demand for energy efficient heating and cooling systems has dramatically increased around the world. There are several options when considering an energy efficient air conditioning unit and they can range from the window air conditioners through to … Read more

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Air Conditioning Repair What You Need To Know To Be Safe

There are a great number of air conditioning repair options that are fairly straight forward and easy to do for the average handyman or handywoman, however there are also some dangerous aspects to air conditioning repair that should be well understood before starting any repair project. The first and most obvious safety issues when it … Read more

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What Is The Difference In Air Conditioning Prices?

If you have been shopping for something to cool off your house, you will have noticed that there is a great deal of difference in air conditioning prices. While any air conditioner is going to be moderately expensive, not all the low cost or all the very high cost air conditioners are cost effective over … Read more

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Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies

For homeowners that want to do their own repairs and maintenance finding air conditioning parts and supplies can be a challenge. There are several options that range from working directly with the manufacturer or the retailer to obtain the necessary parts to ordering online or through repair service companies. Air conditioning parts, like automotive parts, … Read more

An Air Conditioning Filter

How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

By keeping your air conditioning filter clean you allow the unit to properly move the air from the room, through the evaporator and out the vent, making the room cool and comfortable. A clogged or blocked filter prevents the intake of air and will make your air conditioner work harder, leading to higher electric bills … Read more

Ductless AC System

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems For Homes

One option for upgrading or adding AC to an already built or constructed home is to use a type of system called ductless air conditioning. Ductless systems are usually more commonly known as mini-split systems are often used in homes that don’t currently have a forced air heat system that can piggyback the air conditioning. … Read more

A Central Air Conditioner

Adding Air Conditioning Options to your Home

In most areas, but especially in the southern climates, air conditioning is a definite must. Not only is it essential for general comfort, but in the very southern states it is also a health benefit as temperatures reach into the hundred plus degrees during the long summer months. Air ventilation in these areas is a … Read more