Pollution Free Vehicles to Better Our Lives

Microcab Pollution Free Vehicle

Anybody lucky enough to be living in Montana might view all the concern about air pollution as a mystery. It is different when you find yourself located in a metropolitan area, where you are able to see the air, and it is hard to even take a deep breath. A lot of the world is […]

Preventing Pollution With Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Car

With the gas prices being so high, more and more people are becoming aware of how valuable energy is in our daily lives. Hybrid cars show how energy can be conserved and pollution reduced. The cleanest non hybrid car can put about 90 percent smog pollution in the air versus the hybrid. The Honda insight […]

Indoor Air Pollution and Its Effect on Your Health

Indoor Air Pollution

What do you know about indoor pollution? I never really thought much about it as you may not have either but I found that some people spend 90% of their time indoors. When you hear about pollution you nearly always picture some cars exhaust pipe or a large chimney stack pumping large plumes of black […]

What Is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution liability insurance is for companies and trades-people who would like to control risks related to building and continuing industrial operations, including damaged pipelines, fuel leaks and release of toxic gases. It’s a type of gap insurance plan, as most standard liability policies rule out pollution risks. Various pollution insurance providers offer various terms, and […]

What Is Pollution Insurance?

Pollution Insurance Stress

Several businesses generate pollution throughout their business. When these elements pollute a different property, that’s deemed damage. Standard general liability policies ruled out pollution from insurance policy coverage in the 1980’s. These liabilities have become protected under pollution insurance policies. Typical for a lot of companies that don’t seem to be associated with producing pollution, […]

Water Pollution in China

Water Pollution in China

The state of water pollution in China is alarming. It is an unfortunate yet all-too-true fact that developing nations tend to ravage the environment as they climb to power. The United States famously destroyed a good portion of its natural resources during the 1800’s when citizens of every kind raced toward Manifest Destiny. Britain caused […]

Water Pollution in South Africa

Water Pollution in South Africa

The pollution of rivers, lakes and acquifers from domestic and industrial wastewater discharges, mining runoff, agro-chemicals and other sources in now a growing threat to water resources in most countries in south Africa. According to a new report titled: ‘Water Quality Management and Pollution Control’ in south Africa, written by Prof Ngonidzashe Moyo, a freshwater […]

Water Pollution Statistics

Water Pollution Statistics

Water pollution, i.e. the pollution of water bodies on the planet, is one of the raging environmental issues that our planet is facing today. Even though we know that the human induced causes of water pollution far exceed the natural causes of the same, we seem to prefer to turn a blind eye towards it. […]

Hiring Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services

The value of professional services and infrastructural benefits is perhaps the most relevant in today’s competitive times. With the cost of basic production procedures and products on a constant rise, it has become immensely crucial that an average industrial unit or business house attempt to maximize on the production potential and minimize the loss of […]

Air Pollution Prevention: Everyone Benefits

Air Pollution Prevention

With a focus on air pollution prevention, many companies are working hard to improve the quality of air in both the smallest and the largest of cities throughout the United States. In some larger cities, such as Los Angeles, air quality is a very worrisome factor. A layer of smog can be seen from a […]